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Are you planning to renovate your existing pharmacy? Are you in the process of relocating and you need to build a new one that suits your growing needs? We can help. SNR Contracting LTD offers design and building services for all kinds of medical construction projects including pharmacies. We’ve helped numerous facilities in coming up with fully functional, efficient and attractive pharmacies. We know how important it is for you to guarantee your patient’s safety and pay attention to every detail during the design and construction process.

Our Clients

Our goal is to help you come up with a state of the art pharmacy that your staff and patients would love. Our design service includes the planning process, sourcing for products, equipment, furniture and every other component that is needed to bring your vision to life. We cover all details of the construction or renovation work including the budgeting, tendering and all aspects of project management. We have provided our pharmacy renovation services to help numerous professionals including:

  • Pharmacy managers
  • Medical facility owners
  • Local and regional pharmacy outlets
  • Facility managers
  • Pharmacy purchasing agents

A Design that Meets Your Unique Needs

We focus on creating a design that meets a wide range of needs and budgets. We start every design with your needs in mind. We really value communication with our customer and his end user. Using our years of experience in medical construction and design, we know what works for such facilities and would be happy to recommend suitable design elements for your project. We always take time to understand our client’s unique challenges through a comprehensive consultation in order to design a pharmacy that is perfectly suited for their facility.


How it Works

At the initial stages, it’s important for us to have an on-site meeting which gives us a clear picture of the pharmacy to be renovated or constructed. Our representatives and designers have years of experience in this industry. We will utilize our knowledge of the health system pharmacy construction to offer a functional and practical design. We will then come up with a space plan that clearly depicts the flow of materials and information. We know the right design will bring customers close to your products. We offer innovative, complete and impressive designs. The designs will be reviewed and fine-tuned before presenting a life-like illustration to the client.

The Production and Installation Phase

Once the client agrees to the design, we can begin the production phase which involves sourcing for new fixtures, contractors to handle plumbing and electrical requirements. We have a network of contractors that offer a reliable service during our renovation and construction projects. SNR Contracting LTD works with the right team to ensure a successful project.

If you are ever looking for design build professionals who are highly skilled in renovation and construction projects, let SNR Contracting LTD be your top choice. As your needs evolve, we can assist your facility to reconfigure a pharmacy that addresses your new requirements.

Looking for quality work, great prices and a creative design?

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Thanks to our extensive experience in renovation, SNR Contracting Ltd has built a large network of contacts & associates, which means that we can provide Toronto’s widest range of contracting and renovation needs.