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At SNR Contracting Ltd company, we’ve delivered medical office construction and medical office renovation for clients all over Ontario. We understand that construction of healthcare facilities needs to meet the needs of our clients and their patients. With technological advancements, medical breakthrough and regulations evolving through the years, medical office design and build need to be done while taking these into account. We can provide creative and functional designs for small and medium clinics as well as large facilities.

Our Standards Support Core Healthcare Functions

Every design element that we incorporate in your facility is well thought out and justified by a functional purpose. Our company consider the ROI derived from the design as well as the value that it is going to deliver to you and your patients. We don’t just focus on the aesthetics our design elements are deliberately put together to solve business problems, regardless if it’s new medical office or medical office remodeling.

We ensure the overall design provides a positive experience not only to the patients and families but also to the staff. Our experts will develop a medical facility floor plan that is up to code and speaks your brand’s personality. We will think through the space allocation and come up with a blueprint that enables you to achieve long term goals such as expansion.

Medical Office Contractors Ensure Positive Outcomes

According to a research that was recently done, the care environment around patients matter. In fact, care environments are shown to directly affect patient outcomes. At SNR Contracting Ltd, our medical office contractors use such research-based principles to influence our design and construction of facilities. We understand that there are certain design elements that are known to offer the best patient experience. Incorporating them in your facility will not only help us to build a state of the art project but also improve the quality of care offered and get more positive patient outcomes.


A Timeless Design

For many of our clients the goal is for their facility to remain useful for a long time to come. At SNR Contracting Ltd, we design and build medical facilities that can last decades. We do this through planning and developing a long-term vision for the facility. This includes incorporating long-term design elements, materials and construction methods that are known to last. When coming up with a floor plan and architectural drawings, we ensure the facility will be able to accommodate changes, tenant movements and expansion over the years. Furthermore, our interior designers will create a look that will remain stunning over the years.

Medical Office Sustainable Design

At SNR Contracting Ltd, we believe in building an efficient medical construction that provides huge savings, sustainability and long-term value. We take advantage of the latest medical building research and innovative technology to create designs that are functional and ideal for the client. We have a wealth of expertise in medical construction which has helped to set us apart as a leading medical construction company in Toronto. Hire us to plan, design or build your medical facility and be guaranteed that we’ll deliver on time and within budget.

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Thanks to our extensive experience in renovation, SNR Contracting Ltd has built a large network of contacts & associates, which means that we can provide Toronto’s widest range of contracting and renovation needs.