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Looking for a contracting company that knows how to design and build dental offices in Toronto? Look no further than SNR Contracting Ltd. Unlike most commercial office spaces, a dental or orthodontic office needs to be properly designed to accommodate special equipment, tools and amenities needed to serve patients. We carry a wealth of experience to create a splendid, soothing and welcoming dental office for your patients. From the front desk to the observation room, the dentist’s chair and everything in between, we promise to create a space that gives patients a good impression of your dental practice.

We Pay Attention To Details

At SNR Contracting Ltd company, we work with reliable vendors who will provide any dental equipment you may need. Our team will always follow the regulation and building codes to ensure your practice is healthy and safe for all patients and employees. If you have an exact design that you’ve envisioned for your new dental office, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you. For many of our clients, building a new dental office is a dream come true. We know how hard you have worked to get to this point: let us give you a design and construction that will take you to the next level.

Leave It To Experienced Dental Office Contractors

You have a dental practice to run there’s certainly no time to manage a construction site. As your dental office clinic design construction team, SNR Contracting Ltd will handle everything. From the regulatory, legal and zoning requirements to sourcing for equipment and supplies, we’ll fulfill the unique needs of your project. We will manage the entire construction site ensuring you are on schedule and within budget. Our tailored approach to building dental offices requires us to properly understand your needs and goals. We’ll take time to learn who you are and where you want to go. Then develop a design that will work and continue to work for you.


Fits Your Unique Business Goals

Just as you would take time to assess your patient’s dental health, we are ready to know more about your practice and how we can customize a dental office regardless, if it’s new dental office design and build, or dental office renovation, we will make it right for you. We will then apply our knowledge in building dental offices to make sure it fits your unique business goals. Should you need help in choosing the right dental equipment, vendors or suppliers, our company is here for you.

Let’s talk about your new Dental office design and build

Every patient who steps into your dental clinic experiences a range of emotions. From fear to anxiety, concern and worry, it’s up to you to create a warm and welcoming environment for all your patients, both the young and old. Our dental office design and build, as well as dental office remodeling, is not only accessible but beautiful and welcoming. We’ll make sure the space is designed to welcome your patients and improves their experience at the clinic. Call SNR Contracting Ltd today and we’ll create a specialized dental clinic that caters for your needs. Let’s discuss how we can design and build a dental office space that will make your business thrive.

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Thanks to our extensive experience in renovation, SNR Contracting Ltd has built a large network of contacts & associates, which means that we can provide Toronto’s widest range of contracting and renovation needs.